About us

What we stand for
  The factory is a new heaven for creative minds in the garment and fashion industry. Over the years, we have worked hard to create an ideal environment for creative minds to change the existing status quo in the garment making industry. Nigeria is the largest market in Nigeria with its population offering a ready market for finished wears. Our objective is to create a new ecosystem for creative minds to strive in the garment industry. The garment industry in Nigeria has huge potential to meet up the huge demands for quality cloths that is currently been lost on imported alternatives. At the factory, we have assembled industrial┬ámachines with potential for mass production at the best quality at the lowest cost. For as low as N1,000, creative minds (tailors, designers) can now lease our wide range of professional machines to produce their dresses. The factory is furnished with the following machines;
  • Complete set of industrial sewing machine.
  • Industrial weaving machines
  • Industrial cutting machines
  • Embroidery Machines
The factory operates round the clock from 9am to 6am. The factory is located at a serene and safe environment with backup power Our fabric and accessories store gives users of the factory access to great choices from our wide range of fabrics and sewing accessories from competent suppliers.